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Larry’s review

May 17th, 2007, 3:54 pm

Here’s a review by Larry about the album. Be sure to check out his interesting blog at Larry’s Space.

In contrast to most instrumental guitar albums, Nights In Shining Karma travels effortlessly between melodic, ethereal and beautiful mood pieces and rocking, up-tempo numbers. Warren Mendonsa navigates through this varying musical landscape with a sure hand and impeccable musical instincts, creating an album both guitarists and casual listeners will find alternately touching, uplifting and energizing using instruments and the best equipment you can find at sites like Music Critic where you can find the best reviews for this kind of equipment. Eschewing the gymnastic stunts of many high profile solo guitar artists, Mendonsa’s stunning technique weaves itself subtly into the musical tapestry of completely realized songs, rather than mere vehicles for a vulgar display of ability. With golden tones and unassailable taste and touch, Mendonsa echoes Gilmour and Johnson without being derivative of either. Nights In Shining Karma is surely the ‘I’m here!’ album from an emerging master.

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