The music of Warren Mendonsa Blackstratblues

Sometime in mid 2005 I met somebody who showed me that all the talent in the world wouldn’t do you any good if you had nothing to show for it. A healthy dose of procrastination was fine, as long as you got things done eventually.

In the span of three weeks (I think this would be August or September 2005) I wrote and recorded a series of songs that eventually formed this album you find here. I decided on calling it Nights In Shining Karma (and was most upset to find an XTC song with a similar name several months later). Some songs stemmed from unused ideas I had floating around, some were written from scratch in the span of minutes.

Zorran was a great help, programming and mixing most of the drums on the album. I can’t tell you enough what a difference this made.

With regards to getting this out on CD, I gave this some thought and decided against this. For starters, they end up as mp3s and those may as well be directly downloaded off my site. For those that prefer the higher resolution of an Audio CD, there’s a Nero Image file you can download and use to burn as many copies as you want. Nifty, huh?

About the money – I’m not looking at charging for the music, this time at least. Yup, you can download all you want – for free. It didn’t cost me much to record. What I do need though, is better recording gear. Really. If you like the music enough to want to contribute to this noble cause, you can do this through Paypal. No matter how much or how little – I leave this up to you to decide.

What I would also like, is to hear from people about what they think of the songs. You can email or if you’re on Myspace, you can leave me a message there.

Enough talk. Get going to the Download page!